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Hamilton Vaultronics offers a wide variety of technologically advanced options that are convenient, safe and secure.  When access needs to be changed it can be done quickly and easily by simply deactivating them, without affecting other users.


If you handle valuable, highly confidential and senstive information, your security goals should include access control beyond the standard lock and key.


  • Number of doors or points of entry
  • How many people require access
  • Frequency of need to change access
  • Whether you want to install a new system or make the most of your existing security investment

Access Controls



  • ProxCards - swipe cards the size of a credit card
  • ProxKeys - key fobs the size of a standard key designed to fit on key rings
  • ProxCard Readers - the device that "reads" the cards or key and controls access
  • Wiegand Interface Modules - connects readers to your command processor


When your DMP "key" is presented to a reader, encrypted information is sent to a control panel which either grants or denies access.  Some readers include red and green indicator lights while others include a monitor and alarm.

Night Depositories and Drop Boxes

We offer several top of the line, maintenance free, stainless steel night depositories.  Some models also include video capability providing uneaqualed accountability and tracking with an integrated chute and safe.  Our night depositories are highly rated against theft and can provide an audit trail for deposit accountability.

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Undercounter Cabinet

Our undercounter steel cash-handling cabinets protect valuable assests and provide an attractive solution for your business.

Teller Locker

Hamilton Vaultronics Security lockers are useful not just in banks and other financial institutions but in a variety of applications such as law enforcement agencies, churches, schools and any other establishment with an interest in keeping items secure.

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Stainless steel
  • Modular Aluminum
  • Custom-Designed

Safes and Vaults

Our TR/TL safe doors are the final word in secure storage, crafted using only UL listed steel.  Available with depths from 1 3/4" all the way up to 4", coupled with high anti-attack ratings.

We also provide world class vault doors which are UL listed and available in Class M, 1,2 or 3.  Vault doors in our Freedom and Legacy series come at a standard 36"W x 79"H.  These can be customized to fit the needs of your space.



Sound the alarm, save lives and control damage

Intrusion Systems

Technologically advanced monitor panels provide a full range of multiple zone option and access protection, communicated via the digital dialer

Security Systems

Security control panels to keypads, Hamilton Vaultronics provides a full range of burglary equipment with the latest technological advancements.

Added Value

Did you know that these affordable burglar systems also help to lower your insurance rates and lower the response time of police officers?  


  • Installations
  • Moves
  • Service Calls
  • Emergency Services
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Safes and Vaults

Hamilton Vaultronics is the only U.S. company to manufacture the mighty TR/TL30X6, which features gigantic four-way boltwork and glass relockers.  We also offer composite safes which utilize thin steel, as opposed to solid plate steel, with layers of high performance aggregate between them for an excellent defense against attack.  All our safe doors are rated to withstand torch or tool attack for at least 30 minutes, also able to withstand fire for at least two hours.  

If one of our ready-made safes won't work for your establishment then we are happy to custom design and build a safe to suit the needs of your business.  Our staff will work with you to design the interior layout and chose from a vairety of security measures such as alarm devices, locks and more.

Drive-Up Systems

It's important to keep you drive-up lines moving quickly, efficiently and safely.  Whatever you banking security needs, we will work with you to design the right system to secure your business, trust and peace of mind.

Pneumatic Delivery Tube System option include:

  • The HA-1000 upsend and downsend units make drive-up transactions quick and easy and includes the 5500 series Audio System.  Optional LCD video systems are also available.
  • Both HA-45 and HA-50 models are compact upsend only tube systems, perfect for narrow islands and tight spaces.
  • Model HA-53 is a powerful system that can handle any kind of commercial deposits with up to 500 cubic inches of carrier capacity.
  • Model HA-47 easily handles documents, cash and coins.