How We Started

At Hamilton Vaultronics, banking is in our blood.  Deanna Harmon is the Vice President of Hamilton Vaultronics, and her roots run deep in the banking industry all starting with Deanna’s great grandfather, Edwin E. Weidman Sr.  Edwin started as a manager for Diebold in Cleveland, Ohio back in 1945 until 1953.   

Edwin’s son, Edwin E. Weidman Jr., was also employed by Diebold from 1946 until the early 1970’s where he wore many hats.  Edwin Weidman Jr. was an Alarm Tech, Time lock Tech, Erector, and even an Alarm installer as well as a salesman for the company.  In the early 1970’s Edwin Weidman Jr. left Diebold for a position at Lefebure.  Deanna’s father Dean Weidman followed in his father’s footsteps and began working part-time at Lefebure while still in school.  

Graduating in 1969 he continued on with Lefebure as an Erector until 1976. In 1976 Edwin E. Weidman Jr. and his son Dean started Weidman & Associates as a Hamilton Safe dealer.  Dean purchased the company from his father on December 1, 1980.  Dean then went on to form Weidman, Inc. out of the original company.  Ed Jr. stayed in the business up until just a few years ago working part-time.  On December 1, 2002 Weidman Inc. was acquired by Red Hawk fire and security.  

On July 18, 2005, Dean Weidman, Daniel and Deanna Harmon started Hamilton Vaultronics at the request of Hamilton Safe to service Financial Institutions in Texas.   Since 2005, Hamilton Vaultronics’s territory has expanded to cover Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, thru the request of our customers.  August of 2019, Daniel and Deanna Harmon stepped in the driver seat with full ownership of HV, with Deanna Harmon being the 4th generation of her family

Through the hardwork and dedication of our team, we've been able to grow into new markets and expand our product offerings to what you see today.  

What We Do

Hamilton Vaultronics, LLC, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is one of the foremost financial banking solutions providers in the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas areas. Hamilton Vaultronics develops and sells all manners of financial equipment that improves financial institutions productivity for greater customer returns. This includes ATMs, ITMs, TCRs, security, alarm, access control, barriers, hosted server solutions, and IT solutions. Hamilton Vaultronics theme of People…Dedication…and Years of industry experience reinforces the company’s continuing commitment to providing customers unparalleled successes. 

Hamilton Vaultronics headquartered just outside Dallas in Richardson, Texas. Throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas we have 60 employees working out of 5 offices. Hamilton Vaultronics services over 40 different financial institutions in multiple different capacities. We also service and maintain over 400 ATMs/ITMs on a yearly basis. 

Hamilton Vaultronics overriding goal is to help customers succeed. This is achieved with a unique combination of dedicated and knowledgeable employees and innovative solutions using the latest technologies. We define our own success through the success of our customers.  

The theme of People… Dedication… and Years of industry experience pervades all levels of the company, with customer success as the goal and ultimate end result.