Securing your security-minded business.
Security for the security industry.

You are ever-vigilant when it comes to the care, attention, and details of protecting your customers’ assets and financial securities. At a time when overall crime rate, theft, and breaches in security are top of mind, are you doing your best to protect the security of your customers, your employees, and your company?

Video surveillance is a proven deterrent to theft and fraud. Analysis of video surveillance tapes provides cues that otherwise might go unnoticed and unreported. From break-ins to internal fraud, installing a technologically advanced video surveillance system and monitoring surveillance footage can protect your business from security breaches, provide peace of mind, and potentially save you millions of dollars.

Hamilton Vaultronics offers Panasonic devices, among the highest quality and most trusted brands of surveillance equipment. Panasonic offers two 16-channel video surveillance models that provide real-time, live-action recording and can be used with as many as five cascading individual recorders at a time, maximizing protection and output. Both models feature H.264 compression technology for most efficient use of disk space.

Panasonic’s analog security camera, the SD5 (Super Dynamic), delivers optimum functionality and superior video surveillance system performance. Available in a variety of models, these weatherproof cameras feature built-in video analytics and vandal-resistant domes that protect your business, day and night.

Easy to install and use, these analog cameras are designed to work with new or legacy systems and provide seamless migration to your internal network, system-wide or satellite level.

The analog security cameras are best used in conjunction with Panasonic’s versatile indoor/outdoor aluminum environmental housing, which increases the range and application of the cameras. The housings are available in a wide range of stylish mounting installations to maximize angle coverage.

Don’t leave the security of your business to your employees. Get smart. Protect your business with as much high level care and attention as you protect your customers.