Security Systems

Sound the alarm on security protection of your people , your property business.
Sound the alarm, save lives and control damage.

These days, hearing an alarm or siren sound is pretty commonplace. Ignoring it and going about one’s business has become the norm in human nature. But what if it was your business being vandalized or burglarized? Wouldn’t you want to know that there were trained professionals who would respond and protect your people, your property, and your business within a matter of minutes?

Don’t panic. From security control panels to keypads, Hamilton Vaultronics provides a full range of burglary equipment with the latest in technological advancements, features, and flexibility to protect your business, save lives, and control damage.

Intrustion Systems

One of most popular intrusion systems is the DMP (Digital Monitoring Products) XR500 series of security panels. These technologically advanced monitor panels provide a full range of multiple zone option and access protection, ommunicated via the digital dialer. It is recognized industry-wide as one of the simplest to use and most versatile alarm systems available today.


The DMP series of keypads, all compatible with all XR500 series, includes both hard-wired and wireless models (which run on replaceable lithium batteries) with around the clock perimeter protection, 24/7,365 days a year. Not only high-tech, but also sleek and stylish, the DMP keypads offer:

  • Easy-to-use, 32-key, text-friendly message entry;
  • Panic buttons;
  • Encryption options;
  • Exterior and interior sirens;
  • Pet-friendly infrared motion detector options;
  • And more.


Printable Data Sheets

The XR 550

Business Security System

Value Added Benefits

Nothing’s more valuable than knowing that your employees, property, and business are protected. As an added bonus, did you know that these affordable burglar systems also have the potential to lower your insurance rates and raise the response time of police officers, to further protect your business? That peace of mind is worth more than money than money in the bank.

You don’t go to your doctor for tax advice, or your attorney for a physical exam. Where’s the best place to look for advice on burglary protection? Hamilton Vaultronics, the go-to security professionals. They know how to secure your business from potential loss, intrusion and theft.

Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Control Panel Partner

  • Designed, engineered & manufactured in Springfield, MO by and for alarm people.
  • Dealer Direct relationship makes you a member of an elite dealer program.
  • 100% testing of our products before shipping.
  • Backward, forward & horizontal product compatibility.
  • Commercial-grade 2-way wireless offers extreme range & unique capabilities.
  • A complete family of attractive branded user interfaces.
  • We say what we do. We do what we say. You can count on it.
  • Experienced professional sales, technical training & support.
  • We insist on the integrity of our products and our people.
  • Customers tell us we are innovative, reliable & provide them with excellent support. We take your success personally.