How safe is your business?
Better safe than sorry.

If you deal with valuable, highly confidential, and sensitive information, your security goals should include access control beyond the standard lock and key. That is, determining who is free to come and go, and more importantly, where, when, and how they do so.

The best access control security system for you depends on:

  • Number of doors or points of entry you have;
  • How many people require access;
  • Frequency of need to change access;
  • Whether you want to install a new system or need a system that will work with the security system you have now, to make the most of your existing security investments.

Hamilton Vaultronics offers a wide variety of technologically advanced options that are convenient, safe, and secure. When access needs to be changed, it can be done quickly and easily by simply deactivating them, and without affecting other users.


Access Control Options:

  • ProxCards – swipe cards the size of a credit card
  • ProxKeys – key fobs the size of a standard key designed to fit on key rings
  • ProxCard Readers – the device that “reads” the cards or keys and controls in-and-out access
  • Wiegand Interface Modules – connects readers to your command processor panels for codeless entry, arming, and disarming

Additional options include Glassbreak detectors, PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensors, hold-up or panic buttons, and REX exit control buttons.

How Access Control Systems Work

When your DMP entry device or “key” is presented to a reader, encrypted information is sent to a control panel, which in turn grants or denies access depending on the validity of the information the key holds. Some readers include a flashing red LED for an access denied and a flashing green LED for an access granted. Other systems include a monitor and alarm in the event a door is forced open or held open too long after being unlocked.

Make Protecting Your Banks and Vaults Part of the Package

How secure are your banks and vaults? From lever-activated panic terminals and vault audio detectors to vault sound alarms and shock sensors, Hamilton Vaultronics has what it takes to protect your assets and keep your business safe and secure.


HandKey ID3D-R / ID3D-RW

Entrance Control