Hamilton Vaultronics is in the business of keeping you safe and secure so you can continue serving your customers.

Accordingly, our line of access controls and security systems provide you with the peace of mind that comes with professionalism and dedication.

Access Controls

Our access controls can be suited to existing systems and layouts, or we’ll be happy to design them from the ground up with you. Control the activity in your establishment with our ProxCard Readers, which interact with designated ProxCards and ProxKeys to monitor and control access points and keep a record of comings and goings. Additional features are available such as panic buttons and glass-break sensors.

We also pride ourselves on providing security services beyond what others might offer. Whether it’s panic terminals, vault audio detectors, or shock sensors, Hamilton Vaultronics is committed to supplying you with your every security need.

Security Control Panels

With that goal in mind, our keypads and security control panels are designed to protect your establishment to the utmost degree. Our dual intrusion series is recognized as the most user-friendly system available, and comes in both wired and wireless configurations.. With encryption options, infrared sensors, and panic buttons, these security systems take your safety to the next level.


Hamilton Vaultronics Helps You

Additionally,installing a Hamilton Vaultronics security system may help to lower your insurance premiums and shorten response time from law enforcement officials. Added bonuses like these are just more examples of the good things that come from Hamilton Vaultronics.

Consider us your go-to company for access controls and security systems. You’re in the business of serving others. We’re in the business of serving you.