Safes are a speciality of ours here at Hamilton Vaultronics

Our craftsmen use only the strongest UL listed steel. Whether you need teller safes, depositories, or portable vaults, we have many options for your security needs. Our safes utilize solid, rectangular steel bolts as a primary defense, with mechanical relockers for additional security.

Safe Doors

Our TR/TL safe doors are the final word in secure storage. Rated to withstand torch or tool attack for at least 30 minutes, these safes can also withstand fire for at least two hours. In fact, we are the only U.S. company to manufacture the mighty TR/TL30X6, which features gigantic 4-way boltwork and glass relockers.

Safe doors are available with depths of anywhere from 1 ¾” all the way to 4”. Coupled with high anti-attack rating for our safes, these TL doors ensure that your valuables will stay secure in the critical moment, until the cavalry arrives. We also offer composite safes which utilize thin steel, as opposed to solid plate steel, with layers of high performance aggregate between them. This is an excellent defense against attack.

Custom Safes

If one of our ready-made safes won’t work for your establishment, never fear; we are happy to build custom-design safes to fit your size, shape, or personal requirements. Additionally, our staff can assist you in deciding the inside layout of the safe, as well as which security measures to utilize, such as alarm devices, locks, and more.

Custom-designed safes with a multitude of personalized features are our answer to your security needs. Hamilton Vaultronics is pleased to have a chance to work with you in meeting all your safe specifications, and providing the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are protected.