Hamilton Vaultronics has a vast array of safe deposit boxes that can fit your specific needs.

In an age of hi-tech gadgetry and enhanced security systems, it’s easy to forget that sometimes small and simple things are the most effective. Safe deposit boxes provide a paramount level of security and don’t run the risk of electronic theft or cyber-tampering. Additionally, they allow customers to store tangible valuables and sensitive items.

What We Offer

Whether you have original, old-style deposit boxes that need new, matching equipment, or if you’re looking to install a new bank of safe deposit boxes for your customers, we can help. With Hamilton Vaultronics, your selection includes:

  • Stainless Steel Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Modular Aluminum Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Custom-designed Safe Deposit Boxes

Each of these box choices come in customizable sizes to allow you the maximum flexibility in design. Our safe deposit box sections can be reorganized to give you the size and appearance you want for your establishment.

We understand that assembly-line products don’t work for everyone, and we are determined to provide you with the utmost in personalized products. Our deposit boxes are built with ½-inch solid aluminum. These handsome, polished doors provide both a sense of professionalism as well as real security. With Hamilton Vaultronics’ multi-sized boxes, you can pick and choose safe deposit boxes to fit your need.


Boxes and Numbers – Designed Just For You

Our adjustable numbering system allows you to rearrange boxes to fit your aesthetic needs and spatial requirements. Additionally, our number plates can be mixed and matched, so you can tailor your safe deposit boxes to your specifications. Once you number your boxes the way you want, our stamped numbers provide a sense of permanence to both you and your customers.

Hamilton Vaultronics Quality

Here at Hamilton Vaultronics, we want to provide you with the quintessential products and service experience. If you already have something in mind for your safe deposit boxes, we can supply it. If not, we’ll be happy to assist you in designing a plan that works for you and your institution.