Hamilton Vaultronics offers a wide variety of night depository options sure to cater to your needs.

Our products are developed with security for both you and your customers in mind.

Let Hamilton Vaultronics Help You

With this range of products and features, we stand ready to assist you in finding just the right solution for your deposit needs. Hamilton Vaultronics can help you cut costs and improve deposit security and accountability all at the same time.


Night Depositories

Hamilton Vaultronics has several top-of-the-line night depositories, made from stainless steel. These products are maintenance-free and easily sealed against weather with the included kit. Other depositories feature video capability, to record both the individual making the deposit and the deposit itself. Our 80UC night heads, aided by time stamps and transaction receipts, offer unequaled accountability and tracking. Integrated with a chute and accompanying safe, our depositories provide maximum security.

In addition to these features, Depository Access Control Systems (DACS) are highly rated against physical attack, and can provide an audit trail for deposit accountability.


Drop Boxes

Designed with tampering attempts in mind, Hamilton Vaultronics’ drop boxes are tamper-resistant and can even be fitted with a key lock. Featuring a personalized nameplate, our drop boxes are a low-tech yet effective way for you to make night deposits.

As an improve on the traditional drop box, we also offer replacement heads that require no physical changes to the building. Simply installed, these heads can replace your old, out-of-date heads, without requiring a change of chute or safe.

Other Products

Hamilton Vaultronics is proud to offer other night depository solutions for you, such as rotary hoppers and package pass-throughs. Our rotary hoppers are ideal for unmanned drop-offs, and can be custom-made for your needs. Additionally, package pass-throughs provide excellent security–only one door can be opened at a time. This feature ensures safe and reliable exchanges.