How important is it to you and your customers to keep drive-up lines moving quickly, efficiently, and safely? Very.

Whether you’re transporting money and paperwork within your branch, require an upsend or a downsend system, or need audio/video components to add human interaction, Hamilton Vaultronics has the products to meet your drive-up banking requirements.


Audio and Video Components

Adding a human touch to remote banking transactions helps keep drive-in lines moving smoothly by facilitating communication between you and your customers. Audio systems are available in both wireless and hard-wired models that feature “noise canceling” and programmable “auto greeter” functionality. All video systems include 10” LCD color display and built-in camera.

Teller Systems

There are a variety of reliable and affordable teller units to choose from:

  • Motorized Teller – carrier landing platform that withdraws out of teller’s line of sight
  • Downsend Teller – provides unrestricted visibility over the teller counter and can fit almost anywhere
  • Double-sided Overhead Teller – offers easy access to carrier from either side of a teller counter
  • Through-the-Counter Teller – access from both sides of the counter

Pneumatic Delivery Tube Systems

Full-feature tube systems are ideal for drive-up banking and point-to-point transport without the need for supervision. American-made, these weather-proof systems set the industry standard, offering quality, efficiency and security all in one. Audio and video options are also available.

System options include:

  • The HA-1000 upsend and downsend units makes drive-up transactions quick and easy and includes the 5500 Series Audio System. Optional LCD video systems are also available.
  • Both Models HA-45 and HA-50 are compact upsend-only tube systems, perfect for narrow islands and tight spaces.
  • Model HA-33 is a powerful system that can handle any kind of commercial deposits, with up to 500 cubic inches of carrier capacity.
  • Model HA-47 easily handles documents, cash, and coins.

Drive-up systems may also be customized with deal drawers, drive-up windows, and wireless headsets.


Interactive Remote Teller (IRT)

The IRT combines the pneumatic tube delivery system with high quality audio and video communications to quickly and easily transport cash, coin, paperwork, and small items.

Perfect for after hours banking, outdoor walk-up banking, windowless drive-up and kiosk applications, and teller line replacement, the Interactive Remote Teller (IRT) also makes it possible to conduct face-to-face transactions from a remote location.

Whatever your banking and security needs are, the professionals at Hamilton Vaultronics will work with you to provide the right system to secure your business, trust, and peace of mind.