Gunnebo is the world’s leading specialist in entrance control solutions. They manufacture several items including indoor and
outdoor turnstiles, windows, partitions and interlocking doors and high performance doors for a wide range of applications.

Their entrance control product range is designed to create a secure environment, whether it involves entering a company lobby, a shop, an entertainment area, an industrial zone or a metro station without restricting the freedom of movement or operating within sites with higher security level requirements.

Entrance Gates

The award-winning design of GlasStile blends in with surroundings, understanding that function and design are equally important.

The entrance gates are silent and provide easy passage. Visitors will immediately see how and where they should enter.

Full Height TurnStiles

Robust construction for both in and out doors makes this product range appropriate for Industrial entrances, military installations, sports arenas and other premises where the control function is necessesary.

Cost-effective operation of different access control devices for the desired security level make the Full Height Turnstile an extensively used product world-wide.


Optical TurnStiles

In addition to being a standard optical turnstile, the OptiStile, can also incorporate fully functional barrier arms or glass to deter all unwanted users, thus giving increased security control.

Non Barrier Optical Turnstiles provide a perfect combination of security and style. The Non Barrier Optical Turnstiles in our range include the 300, 400, 700 & 800 ranging in length from 24″ to 72″.

The Optical Turnstiles with Barrier provide an excellent combination of security and style. Products in this range include the OptiStile 720.

The OptiStile line, both barrier and non barrier are CSA certified.

Interlocks and Automation

Interlocks and Door Automation Systems developed by Gunnebo offer the protection you require for your premises since security levels vary not only from site to site, but also at different points within each site. Their Interlocks prevent piggybacking and tailgating and help to create a very secure solution for protecting the people and assets within a building. They are the solution in any building where sensitive areas need protection from intrusion, economic intelligence, theft or sabotage.

Our complete range of Interlocks are programmable in order to provide the required type of system by adding single passage detection, an intercom, remote mountings, video cameras or biometric identifications.

Public Transport Systems

Security is a prime concern in public transports and airports. At Gunnebo they strive to make your metro or railway station, airport or seaport a place where passengers and staff can feel safe surrounded by high technology user friendly entrance control solutions. Public transport systems designed by Gunnebo offer the possibility for passengers to move quickly from station to platform, from check-in to boarding gate or from border control to baggage claim, without compromising the strictest security demands.

Security Booths

Protection of valuables, equipment, data, personnel or clients requires stringent access control. The Gunnebo Airlocks & Automations systems range provides an efficient solution in terms of security and traffic flow.

Security Revolving Doors

The Revolving Security Door is an elegant, spacious solution for entrances with high security and aesthetic demands. Simultaneous passage for high flow capacity is also a plus.

They are equipped with the latest technology in sensors and software, and offer high reliability in terms of unauthorized passage and tailgating attempts.

Speed Gates

The Speed Gates easily provide maximum flow capacity and prize-winning design without compromising security.

The sophisticated sensor systems detect movements to prevent unauthorized passage. You can select from a number of options to create an individual design. Its efficiency and versatility make the SpeedGate suitable for offices, airports, metros or other premises where high flow capacity is of major importance.


Tripod TurnStiles

Tripod TurnStile a natural choice in many environments because of its compact design and cost-effective operation.

You can choose from the simplest standardized version to customized Tripod TurnStiles. It is also available in many alternative designs and materials. Its high operating reliability makes the Tripod TurnStile suitable for application areas including offices, industrial premises, airports or metros.

Our SlimStile range offers 3 products (BA, SE & EV with optional ATT). Our TriStile range offers 2 products (RO & EL).