Check and Image Processing Options

Check and Image Processing contributes to your strategy by aligning with the key strategic areas of spend for banks:

  • Branch Transformation
  • Digital Deposits
  • Back Office Engineering and Compliance
  • Fraud and Risk

With over 80% of check deposits still done at the branch, financial institutions are focused on image enabling the branch and driving deposits to less costly digital channels.  With remote deposit capture of checks, the traditional back office processes are transforming to better manage thousands of new client engagement points for banks.

Whether a client chooses to make deposits using digital or physical channels; at the ATM, at a branch, merchant and corporate location, online or by mobile phone,  Payment Imaging solutions will seamlessly capture, process, archive and exchange to clear the transaction providing a great customer experience.

NCR solutions offer payments processing, document imaging and scanning solutions built on a foundation of long-established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, integrated with a full range of high quality imaging transports, scanners, mobile phones and ATMs, supported by customer service you can trust.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Offer your customers numerous, alternative ways to deposit checks – at the branch, at the ATM, online from corporate and small business locations, or on-the-go using mobile devices. NCR’s Remote Deposit Capture is an omni-channel enterprise hub for remote deposit capture (RDC) that provides one common re-usable architecture that supports all channels on a single, integrated and scalable platform. Business clients and consumers can deposit checks via multiple channels directly to back-office processing centers.

The unique capabilities of RDC will transform your financial institution’s business by helping you:

  • Grow revenue
  • Reduce your costs
  • Minimize risk and fraud, and
  • Enhance your customer service

NCR APTRA Passport

Remote Deposit Capture

Transaction Gateway

Legacy systems and growing customer preference for making deposits away from the branch can be an efficiency nightmare for bank operations and I.T departments as they process more and more remotely deposited items coming from constantly shifting deposit channels.

As the single entry point, NCR Transaction Gateway can securely collect and organize all yourtransaction-gateway RDC channel deposits, it can be easily integrated into your operations.  Using the latest technology, Transaction Gateway is Data Center ready, built on JEE supporting modern tools for performance tuning.  A secure system from the moment a customer deposits a check using remote deposit channels or combined cash/check transactions at an Interactive Teller, Transaction Gateway provides streamlined file transfer processing.

Controlling all services and monitoring transactions on the Transaction Gateway is easy using the intuitive single management console.  With an enterprise ready common data store and workflow manager, transaction integrity is assured using a seamless processing experience reducing not only cost but data duplication that can be inherent when using multiple processing systems.

When certain events occur in the system, Transaction Gateway raises a notification for staff to manage deposit risk on the spot and reducing stranded work due to a scheduled bank holdover process.  And your bank staff can take advantage of enterprise deposit channel viewing, research and reporting on customer items overcoming security concerns during processing.

We offer the full suite of NCR check image processing solutions. 

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