Branch Transformations

Hamilton Vaultronics carries the full range of NCR Branch Transformation products and solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Branch Transformation solutions from NCR provide you with the latest technology to achieve the right strategic mix of personal, assisted and self-service channels. These solutions are designed to allow you to concentrate on:

  • Improving your customer experience
  • Reduce costs
  • Generate new revenue streams


Deliver the personalized experience of the branch, when, where and how your customers want.

NCR Interactive Teller enables banks to offer their customers the benefits of both self-service video banking and the branch experience in one solution. Interactive Teller combines video banking collaboration and remote transaction processing banking technology embedded within the ATM to give your customer the choice of self-service or connecting with a remote teller in a highly personalized, two-way audio/video interaction.

By migrating routine transactions away from the teller counter, Interactive Teller provides the combined benefits of lower processing costs, faster transactions and increased product sales and revenue growth.

This innovative technology is also ideal for financial institutions looking for a cost effective way to expand service to rural areas.


Deliver an amazing customer experience while boosting efficiency and lifting profits.

NCR Interactive Services turns smart data into great customer service by using real-time customer information so the very best assisted service is offered at the most appropriate moment. It makes for happier customers, more efficient use of staff time and is good news for cross-selling too. Here is how:

Precision service
Staff use tablet technology (versus being restricted to a desk workstation) to view multiple live transactions that tells them who is in the branch, their account details and what they are doing.
They can act immediately with assistance that is precisely targeted to the customer’s needs.

Sharper sales focus
Thanks to real-time information on cross-selling opportunities staff can act immediately, and offer customers a product they are interested in.

Smaller is better
Smarter deployment delivers operational cost savings, including the freedom to open smaller, more cost-effective branches – and win new customers.


Hamilton Vaultronics frequently holds Branch Transformation seminars throughout the greater Texas area to provide financial institutions the opportunity to learn how to transform your customer experience, and learn more about these game changing solutions!